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Energy-Efficient Vacuum Pump

Can run with pressure control or at a constant rotational speed.  


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The Cobra NX 0950 A Plus from Busch Vacuum Solutions is a dry, oil-free vacuum pump that can run with pressure control or at a constant rotational speed, reportedly making it exceptionally energy-efficient. The pump reportedly can precisely maintain the desired pumping speed at a prescribed rotational speed. It can also accurately sustain the required vacuum level, regardless of how the process conditions change. The new Cobra Plus has a wide range of use in applications where dry vacuum technology is required, where an independent and demand-driven control system is desired and where vacuum is to be generated reliably and thus efficiently.

Thanks to its variable speed drive, the vacuum pump covers a pumping speed range from 200 to 950 m3/hr and reaches an ultimate pressure of 0.01 millibar. All operating data is constantly recorded and saved. This data can be accessed directly on the built-in display or transferred via a Modbus TCP/IP client/server protocol. As a result, the vacuum pump can also be controlled remotely from a PC. This makes the new vacuum pump from Busch fully prepared for Industry 4.0.

Energy Efficient Vacuum Pump

It is designed to be operated in two different modes. Following an intuitive menu structure on the display, users can choose between the constant speed mode or pressure control mode. The most suitable operating mode depends on the type of application. If, for example, a process requires constant pumping speed, this can be set using the 'Constant speed' operating mode and changed again at any time.

In contrast, pressure control uses a defined ultimate pressure setting. The vacuum pump precisely maintains this ultimate pressure, regardless of how the pumping speed changes. This means that this operating mode is always used if constant ultimate pressure or a constant vacuum level is needed. Once the required vacuum level is in place, the Cobra Plus continues to run at a minimum speed of 20 Hz, enabling it to respond to a sudden need for increased pumping speed by increasing the rotational speed. In the event of extended breaks, the vacuum pump can also switch on and off automatically.