Expandable Novatec Modular Surge Bins Ship Quick

Novatec’s expandable modular surge bins are designed to grow with expanding applications.


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Novatec’s expandable modular surge bins are designed to grow with your expanding applications. Units are easy to integrate into a central conveying system to accommodate convenient in-plant material storage.

The MSB comes in volumes of 20, 30, 50 and 70 ft³. Modular extensions of either 12 or 24 inches can be added to a 30 ft³ surge bin to increase volume by 20 or 40 ft³, respectively. A 60° cone bottom allows the smooth material flow of pellets and most regrinds.

The lid includes a loader/receiver mounting hole and an inspection port. Also included are high/low-level sensor ports and site glasses for visual inspection. Construction is carbon steel with a powder-coated paint finish. Discharge gates and take-off boxes and probes are available as accessories.

Shipping is fast, with most units delivered in one to two weeks, and quality is assured with Novatec’s five-year warranty.


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Baltimore, MD 21225

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