Extruder Series Aims to Boost Productivity

Direct drive groove feed extruder, TPE tubing line and competitively priced Super Blue system on display. 

Davis-Standard is exhibiting its next generation direct-drive groove feed extruder along with its popular Thermatic and Super Blue extruders. These extruders exemplify processing versatility and performance, and are shown furnished with new feedscrew and control technology.

The 2.5 in. (65-mm) direct drive groove feed extruder features a Davis-Standard Helibar design with a grooved intake zone, helically grooved barrel, and new barrier-mixing feedscrew technology. This extruder and feedscrew combination offers increased processing flexibility due to higher regrind levels and improved pressure stability. It also enables processing of a wider range of polymers at lower internal pressure and with improved energy efficiency. The Helibar design is advantageous in terms of higher throughput, improved melt pressure build-up, lower melt temperatures, improved melt homogeneity, reduced barrel wear and a shorter residence time. Applications well-suited to this extruder include pipe, profile, sheet and blow molding processes.

The 2.5 in. Thermatic on display has upgraded gearbox design, barrel cooling, vent diverter geometry and more. It will be part of a running TPE tubing line demonstrating the smart extrusion features of Industry 4.0 or IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). This includes monitoring of vibration, oil composition, motor parameters, heater status, screw wear algorithm and energy consumption. The Thermatic is available in L/D ratios of 24:, 30: and 34:1 and can be equipped with any Davis-Standard DSB feedscrew, as well as the TS DSBM, TS Metering, TS DS-Blend, and a variety of metering screws and specialized designs.

The Super Blue offers competitive pricing, reliability and fast delivery, Davis-Standard says. The feedscrews are interchangeable, and the system uses a low-noise double-reduction gearbox. It is available in sizes ranging from 2 in. (50 mm) to 4.5 in. (114 mm), each with the option of a 24:1 or 30:1 L/D ratio. At NPE, the Super Blue is equipped with the DS-eTPC II, the second generation of Davis-Standard’s touch-screen control.

This controller is well-suited for pipe, profile and tubing, elastomer, wire and cable, sheet and reclaim applications. Notable enhancements include a larger 15-inch (380-mm) viewing screen with multi-touch capabilities for zoom in/out, control for up to three extruders, and real-time and historical data trending.

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