Extrusion: Wide, High-Output Line For CPP Film

Designed to make 205-in. wide film for metallizing and laminating.

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Austria’s SML Extrusion Technology Inc. (U.S. office Gloucester, Mass.) has recently installed its widest ever cast PP line at an undisclosed processor. The line, which will be used to produce cast PP film for laminating and metallizing, will have a trimmed final film width of 5200 mm (about 205 in.). The line is furnished with five extruders, a feedblock and a three-layer, multi-manifold, 5700-mm wide (about 224 in.) flat die. To facilitate cleaning, the die is mounted on a die-splitting unit, which allows all four die parts to be opened and cleaned without removing the die. Moreover, in order to enhance the optical properties, the film is fixed onto the chill roll by means of a twin-chamber vacuum box, electrostatic edge pinners and a soft box, which allows chilled air to be blown onto the film.

 The CPP line is equipped with the new turret W6000 turret winder, which has been specially designed for wide CPP lines with final film widths of between 3500 and 6000 mm (138 to 236 in.). The winder, which consists of an inlet section and right and left turret units, offers compact dimensions for transport and reduces the installation time required at the customer premises.

Maximum output is 2300 kg/hr (5070 lb/hr).