Extrusion: 3-Layer Drip-Irrigation Die Increases Precision—December 2010

Guill Tool & Engineering, W.

Guill Tool & Engineering, W. Warwick, R.I., has a new drip-irrigation crosshead die designed to produce a three-layer tube with A-B-A or A-B-C construction. The design permits the inner layer to be mainly regrind, typically surrounded by a very thin layer of virgin resin (down to 0.0001 in. or less).

With Guill’s patented flow design, the walls of the tubing require less material to meet burst-strength requirements. The new design is suitable for flat or round tubing for various types of emitters—sprays, drip holes, etc. It allows tube, hose and pipe makers to offer the most cost-effective drip-irrigation systems that control the exact amount of water and fertilizer required.
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