EXTRUSION: Adaptable Lines For Coating, Film

Systems available for wide range of flexible film processes.

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Davis-Standard, Pawcatuck, Conn., will highlight its dsX extrusion systems at K 2016. Three versions are available:

For extrusion coating, the dsX flex-pack is an adaptable machine that gives processors the flexibility to produce products for salted snack and noodle bags, toothpaste tubes, personal care products, condiment packs and stand-up pouches. Production benefits include product consistency, excellent bonding strength, greater uptime and productivity, and reduced waste and production costs. The machines operate at speeds to 450 m/min. (1500 ft/min).

For cast stretch film, the dsX stretch (photo) is the reportedly the first system of its kind for in-line, pre-stretch cast film processing. Integrated technology eliminates the need for traditional pre-stretching methods, resulting in thinner films, faster line speeds and improved film strength. Films as thin as 6μ at speeds from 550 to 1000 m/min. (1800 to 3200 ft/min.) can be run in three-, five- and seven-layer configurations. The system also has a narrow footprint for installation in tight spaces maximizing production area while still allowing operator accessibility. It is also available with coreless winding to reduce waste.

For blown film, the dsX flex-film is built for applications that include laminating and converting, bag making, shrink, hood shrink, collation, multi-unit packaging, rollstock and surface printing. This line merges U.S. and European components to support robust and reliable performance on a user-friendly platform. Unlike similar systems, processors can take advantage of upgrades that balance productivity against capital investment. This includes multiple extruder packages and options for greater efficiency.