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Extrusion: Auto Die for Coating Applications

Equipped with a motorized internal and external deckling system for safe and easy operation.   


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Davis-Standard has introduced it next generation 510A die for
extrusion coating applications. Engineered with an innovative short lip design and edge-bead functionality, it builds on earlier generation Davis-Standard die offerings. Improvements include simplification of the die’s pre-land channel and internal deckling blade for easier cleaning and maintenance.

Extrusion Coating Die

The die is equipped with a motorized internal and external deckling system for safe and easy operation. The internal die channel is optimized for melt flow and deckling adjustment for precision edge-bead control. According to company officials, during testing the die has shown minimal or no edge trim while eliminating high edges.

The 510A die is said to be ideal for acid co-polymers, LDPE, LLPE, HDPE and PP resins among others for extrusion coating and lamination onto board, alumimum foil and for flexible-packing applications.


  • How to Fix Vent-Flow Problems

    Putting one or two vents between the feed throat and die is a good way to remove moisture, trapped air, and other volatiles from melted plastic as it moves through an extruder.

  • Get Smart About Screens

    Almost all extrusion processes pass melt through wire-mesh screens on the way to the die to provide filtering and improved mixing.

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