EXTRUSION: Bagmaker Can Run In- or Offline

Features 'industry-leading' coreless winding technology.

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NPE 2015 will mark the North American introduction of the FAS Converting and Peco Inc. Euroline bag-on-roll system.  The Euroline combines proven bag sealing and perforating technology with industry-leading coreless winding that have been the hallmark of the company since the 1980s.

The bag sealing and perforation module include:

• State-of-the-art servo drives.

• Precise tension control for relaxed sealing of web.

• Sealing from both sides of the web.

• Non driven C folder

The winding module includes:

• Industry-leading coreless winding.

• Perforation detection and automatic transfer.

• Optional roll wrapping / labeling unit.

• Optional PP insert capability.

The Euroline can be run in line a blown film extrusion system or out of line. The sealing/perforation system and winding system share a state of the art PLC touch screen interface control system and an ergonomic streamlined lay out for maximum cost effectiveness and optimum floor space utilization.