Extrusion: Biax Lines for ‘Bone-In’ Meat Bags

Equipment also comes with materials-selection and processing know how.

Macro Engineering and Technology, Mississauga, Ont. has recently enhanced its Quadex bi-axially oriented multiple-bubble lines to produce films with nylon and EVOH, particularly for bone-in-meat high-barrier shrink bags. The machine builder reports that it has developed the process and the right combination of materials for extruding these films and will include this know-how with the line purchase.

This line offers the latest bi-ax process technology, computer-based automation, and overall control. Line features include:

• Different configurations for 7, 9 or 11 layers.

• Ability to run up to three layers of nylon layers with the main barrier layer being EVOH

• Film width from 8-20 in.

• Film thickness from 40 to 90 microns

• Production output from 110 to 330 lb.

Macro says it has more than 60 biax lines running worldwide. The newest Quadex line has just been successfully installed at a customer in South America.