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Extrusion: Coil-Strapping System Protects Tubing, Simplifies Handling

Unit automatically and securely straps finished coils of small-diameter extruded tubing.


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Designed for its ATC Series tube coilers, Conair’s new coil-strapping system automatically and securely straps finished coils of small-diameter extruded tubing. Handling coils up to 24 in. dia, the system prevents tube damage or unraveling and making the coils far easier to grasp, handle and move. It uses roll-fed PP and PET strapping and is FDA compliant for medical-tube applications.

The optional system comes in two pieces: The first piece is a separate steel stand that holds two large strapping rolls, which is positioned approximately three feet from the end of the ATC Coiler. The second piece is the automatic strapping head unit, which is mounted on a sturdy steel base that attaches directly to the base of the ATC Series coiler on the coil-outlet side. This consists of a strap guide roller, an alignment arm, and a combination strap cutter/welder head that affixes, cuts, and welds the strap material onto the coil. The strapping system control integrates directly with the ATC coiler control via a secure Ethernet communications connection.

Coil-Strapping System for Extruded Tubing

In operation, the strapping system is actuated by a signal from the ATC coiler that a full coil of extruded tubing has moved into position. The alignment arm of the strapping system extends to check the coil position, followed by the cutter/welder head. The head attaches one end of the strap to the tube coil, which is then rotated until the wrap is completed. Then, the head cuts the strap material and ultrasonically welds the finished coil strap before retracting. The system can apply one, two, or four straps to a tube coil, based on user selection. (Note: Ultrasonic welding is a vibratory joining process that does not heat or distort finished tubing.)

The strapping system is fed by two 12,700-ft rolls of PE or PET strapping material, each of which contains enough to wrap up to 4400 coils with one strap or 1100 coils with four straps. Should strapping material run out, the ATC Coiler’s automatic in-line accumulator ensures that tubing production continues while new strapping rolls are loaded. No line shutdown is required.

The strapping system is available as a factory option for new ATC coilers or as a retrofit for existing units.