EXTRUSION: Enhanced Die Design Software

Can run in both Autodesk and Solidworks as add-in.

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Plastic Flow, LLC, Hancock, Mich., has just released a new version of its polyXtrue extrusion die design software. The new version can run inside Autodesk Inventor as an add-in, as well as many other new advanced analysis capabilities. Previous iterations of the software could run inside SolidWorks as an add-in, meaning that polyXtrue can now be run inside the two leading geometric modeling software for extrusion die design.

What’s more, Plastic Flow’s new optiXtrue extrusion die optimization software can now be used inside Autodesk Inventor as well as SolidWorks to automatically optimize extrusion dies without any user interaction.

Automatic optimization of the die using optiXtrue and polyXtrue software is expected to cut the number of physical fine-tuning cycles in experiments by at least 50%.

The graphical user interface of the software has also been updated with a large number of new features to make the software lot more effective and even more user friendly. These include:

  • A more accurate prediction of interface between adjacent polymer layers for the Level-Set method based on streamlines starting from nodes on the contact lines where two polymers meet for the first time.
  • An improved meshing algorithm that is said to achieve less drastic boundary layer transitions which also adheres more closely to the specified number of boundary layers, and many other improvements to the meshing procedure.
  • A revamped mesh-generation process to allow aborting the process if it is taking too long.
  • Optimization with optiXtrue may now be done in the stand alone version of polyXtrue, as well as in the Inventor and SolidWorks Add-Ins.
  • OptiXtrue can now modify parameters in assembly components for optimization.
  • Autodesk Inventor as well as SolidWorks can be used for generating coat-hanger manifold sheet dies and spiral mandrel annular dies using the built-in parameterized geometries for these two types of dies.