EXTRUSION: Flexible Corrugator For Small-Diameter Tubing

Unit can be equipped with blow molding and vacuum forming capability

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The UC 15 Vario corrugator from Adescor Inc., Exeter, Ontario, is designed for small-diameter corrugated technical tubing for medical, automotive tubing, architectural and electrical conduits.  The line allows for quick chain length adjustment and simple operation and can beequipped with blow molding and vacuum forming capability for added flexibility.

The corrugator is equipped with a mold set allowing insertion of short segments for customers to experiment with new profiles, minimizing the investment and time required to prototype new corrugated tube designs.

The machine is available to be run at Adescor using a mono-layer die head, or can be rented on a monthly basis for customers wanting to experiment with the machine on their own extruder prior to purchasing a turnkey production line.