EXTRUSION: Multi-Mode Winder Avoids Excess Roll Compaction

Also offers easy shaft loading.

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The BO Plus winder from Italy's Macchi (U.S. office Dalton, Ga.) offers contact, axial with gap and center-peripheral axial (mixed) winding capabilities. The winding starts in peripheral mode on a large diameter. During the winding, the reel slides on horizontal guides, weighing down on the vertical axis, and not up against the winding drum. The result is a simpler and more precise control of contact pressure that avoids excessive compaction of the roll, which can create problems during unwinding, Macchi says.

The use of center-peripheral winding (with gap/mixed) is recommended to optimize the winding quality of gusseted stiff or thick films by removing the wrinkles that may occur at the beginning of the reel, or to solve the problems of air pockets while producing adhesive or low-slip films.

Each BO Plus unit is equipped with Easy Load, a pneumatic system that allows the positioning of the shafts directly on the waiting hub, after being lifted by the hoists. A technology called C Module, which is an automatic system for handling rolls and shafts, can also be furnished.

Standard features include:

• Set of hydraulic cylinders for reel unloading.
• Siemens torque motors controlled by a digital inverter for precise speed control.
• Tension control by load cells.
• Low inertia and dynamically balanced rollers.
• Winder nip equipped with one chrome-plated cylinder and adjustable pneumatic rubber roll.
• Peripheral winding on a large diameter rubber grooved cylinder.
• Axial winding system with the option to choose among contact, gap or mix.
• Automatic reel-change cycle starting at pre-set metrage.
• Reel contact pressure controlled and adjusted by a Siemens PLC acting on a linear actuator device.
• Banana roller (one for each winding station).
• Laser pointer for carbon cores centering.
• Set of shaft lifting hoists.
• Mezzanine top with relevant access stair reach the web edge-guide and/or the corona treater.
• Electrical panel with air-conditioned cooling system.
• Man-machine interface obtained via a Siemens touch screen panel.

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