Post-Industrial Recycling | 1 MINUTE READ

Extrusion: Go from Fluff to Blown Film With Twin-Screw System

System bypasses pelletizing step and can reprocess barrier films.


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Reifenhauser has taken its EVO Fusion twin screw technology typically deployed in its non-woven and sheet business units and adapted it for blown film. This allows barrier and other types of films to be reprocessed directly into blown film, bypassing the pelletizing step and eliminating a heat history.

The twin-screw extruder is equipped with a degassing unit to extract impurities and contaminants to reduce the risk of gel formation. With this technology, film processors reportedly can recycle conventional barrier film, such as PE/nylon structures with up to 30% nylon content, allowing them to reuse old barrier film or  production scrap to obtain valuable raw materials and produce other high-quality films, such as industrial packaging, sacks, construction film or agricultural film. EVO Fusion allows direct extrusion and requires no pre-processing.

One-Step Recycling, Blown Film Production