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8/8/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Extrusion: Haul-Off for Large-Diameter HDPE Pipe

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Unit also billed as energy efficient.

The new P3500/24 Plus multi-caterpillar haul-off from SICA of Italy capable of hauling HDPE pipes up to 11.5 ft diam. Its maximum pulling force is about 200,890 ft-lb using all its 24 caterpillars, yet it still guarantees reduced energy consumption thanks to the adoption of high-performance mechanical transmissions and requires minimum level of maintenance.

Because polyolefins tend to be oily, all rubber pads on the caterpillars are made with new and special compounds. Their specific anti-wear properties combined with high contact friction, allow highly effective gripping action and a surprising increase in the average life of the pads.

Large-diam. haul-off for HDPE pipe.

To avoid malfunctioning on these extraordinary dimensions lines, the new haul-off has been equipped with cutting-edge management software and specific devices that constantly check the efficiency state of the machine during the pulling phase. Examples of these devices are: redundant encoders for precise speed monitoring; and digital pressure sensors for continuous monitoring of working pressures and caterpillar tensioning force.

Moreover, the independent control of each caterpillar makes this machine extremely versatile despite its considerable size and allowing a particularly wide range of processable diameters (from DN2000 to DN3500). Robust pipe supports with electric handling both on entry in and exit from the haul-off complete the standard equipment, making the management of the pipes simplified and safe, despite the sizes and extreme weights.




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