EXTRUSION: High-Temp Extruder Eases Screw Changes

A number of other new features also available on machine -S will show at K 2016.

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A 3.5-in. (90-mm) extruder to be exhibited by Davis-Standard, Pawcatuck, Conn. during this month’s K 2016 show will feature a new extruder frame, innovative feedscrew design and quick screw exchange (QSE) technology. The extruder is designed for high-temperature processes up to 572 F (300 C) and those requiring specialty copolymer resins for film, coating, adhesion and molding applications.

The frame is built with additional space to simplify maintenance and improve heater access. Computer-designed stainless steel feedscrews provide reliable melt homogeneity for resins like acid copolymers, which improves bond performance to materials such as aluminum foil. Other extruder advantages include electrical barrel heating with air-cooled blowers for each zone; temperature controlled water cooling for gearbox oil cooler, water cooled screw and feed section; and fixed die support and thermal expansion capability.

The QSE adapter (photo) enables processors to easily change the screw without dismantling the melt pipes, feedblock and other components. An extraction tool is included to manually change the breaker plate melt-filtering inserts. The adapter is engineered with an electrical pressure gauge, manual or motorized pressure spindle, double thermocouple for every heating zone, and breaker plate with two-screen pack.

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