Extrusion | 1 MINUTE READ

Extrusion: Inline X-Ray of Tubing, Hose

Measuring device and processor system combine to ensure maximum performance during multi-layer hose and tube extrusion.


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X-RAY 6000 PRO from Sikora is said to allow for fast, inline quality control of multi-layer hoses and tubes. Within milliseconds, an X-ray image of the product is generated showing all measuring values, such as diameter, ovality, wall thickness, and eccentricity. The measuring values are visualized on the monitor of the  ECOCONTROL 6000 process-monitoring system. 

The monitoring system shows the measuring values numerically as well as graphically as trend and statistical data. The wall thickness is displayed at eight measuring values as standard. Additionally, an intelligent physical evaluation model determines the minimum wall thickness, meaning the available value that optimally supports the operator to control the process. Moreover, the physical model enables the visualization of the wall thickness at any position over the total circumference of the hose or tube.

For example, as an alternative to the standard display of eight measuring values, a visualization of 12 or more measuring values is possible. The operator selects how many points and at which position the values are being displayed. Furthermore, the processor system is used for an automatic control of the line speed, respectively extruder rpm. As a result, it guarantees to comply with given specifications as well as the highest performance for a maximum of process optimization and productivity.