Extrusion: Laserfilter Now Suited for PET Sheet

Melt loses said to be reduced to 0.1%.

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The Laserfilter from Erema (U.S. office Erema North America Inc., Ipswich, Mass.) is a continuous filter system with screen fineness of 70µm. Rheological optimization of the breaker plate reportedly offers a “gentler filtration process.” While the filter is said to be well-established among recyclers of PCR, Erema says its features have now drawn the attention of PET sheet processors as well. As the company explains, these processors are using an ever-increasing amount of recycled PET, and the Laserfilter offers sheet extruders high process stability despite higher degrees of contamination at times. The Laserfilter processes material with a degree of contamination of more than 1% without any difficulty, says Erema. The design is said to avoid dead spaces, which results in short residence times that in turn prevents black spots with PET.

Thanks to the newly developed discharge unit, melt losses are reduced from the 1-2% said to be typical with piston filters down to 0.1%.

Erema has established a new business unit, called Powerfil, which will be responsible for the company’s filtration products. The machine will be on display at Fakuma, Oct. 17-21, in Friedrichshafen, Germany.