EXTRUSION: Low-Volume Crosshead Die

Designed for micro-extrusion applications.

The BH25A MicroCrosshead with Spiral Deflector from B&H Tool Co., San Marcos, Calif., is designed for micro-extrusion applications like micro-bore tubing, fiber optics, and insulated fine wire. The BH25A can extrude PEEK tubing with an I.D. of 0.010 in. and 0.015-in. O.D.

Processors that tested the tool reportedly achieved exceptional ID/OD control, highly uniform material distribution, and short residence time. This resulted in extraordinary concentricity and surface quality. Tolerances are generally in the range of ± 0.00005 in., B&H says.

The BH25A is manufactured in stainless steel, though a Hastelloy head is specified for use with fluoropolymers.