EXTRUSION: New Extruders, Filtration System

New lab line, conical twin, and continuous filter to highlight MAS display.

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Austrian machine builder MAS (represented in the U.S. by eFactor3, LLC, Pineville, N.C.) will show three new machines at the upcoming K 2016 Fair.

  • The MAS 24 lab extruder (photo) has been developed for processors and compounders to develop formulas in very small batches. The compact machine features a screw length of 400 mm (about 16 in.) and a diameter of 48 mm (less than 2 in.) that narrows down to 24 mm (about 1 in.), and is equipped with interchangeable mixing elements. A large feed opening makes it possible to process regrind material, flaky material and fine ground film or fibers. The machine allows full control over shear, and thus the melt temperature of the material, by varying the screw speed from 0 to 300 rpm. The maximum output of this lab machine is in the range of 10 to 35 kg/hr (22 to 77 lb/hr. At the show, the extruder will be operating with an underwater pelletizer.
  • MAS’ third generation of its conical, corotating, twin-screw extruder is available in six different sizes with output ranges from 10 kg/hr (22 lb/hr) to more than 2000 kg/hr (4410 lb/hr). The machine features a segmented barrel design that permits the exchange of individual barrel sections instead of having to replace the entire cylinder, or selective application of individual cylinder sections with special wear protection. On display at the show will be the MAS 75 (photo), which provides outputs up to 1100 kg/hr (2425 lb/hr).
  • For recycling, MAS’ CDF (Continuous Disc Filter) melt filter series is now equipped with a new pneumatic scraper. This feature allows a higher degree of adjustability for the stable performance of the system. Further features of the latest filter generation include optimized melt channels as well as changes to the heating system:  heating plates and bands are now used to improve the heating coefficient.