EXTRUSION: ‘Next Generation’ Gravimetric Extrusion Control System

Technology developed to maintain consistent extruder output by weight.

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At NPE2015 next month in Orlando, Process Control Corp. (PCC), Atlanta, will introduce new control systems for its Gravitrol Gravimetric Extrusion Control, developed to maintain consistent extruder output by weight. The new controls may include some or all of the following components:

 •  The EXG central supervisory computer and operator station supervises and controls PCC blenders, Gravitrol systems, loading systems, and ASR Automatic recycling">Scrap Recovery systems. Recipes can be entered and stored, recalled, or downloaded from the host computer.

 •  The EXB2 touchscreen control can monitor or control one extruder and optional additive feeder. A drive module interfaces with the extruder’s drive system to control the screw speed. The EXB2 can also be equipped with line-speed module for controlling/monitoring the line speed by length, weight per running length, average thickness, and inside tube diameter. The EXB2 is compatible with PCC legacy weigh hoppers, allowing cost-effective upgrading of existing Gravitrol Systems.

 •  New HGB2 weigh hopper assembly (photo) is available in a range of hopper sizes with throughputs up to 6000 lb/hr. The weigh hopper is equipped with integral loader support platform and compensating load cells with overload protection.