Sheet Extrusion | 1 MINUTE READ

Extrusion: Non-Contact Sheet Gauge

Suited for measuring sheet made from engineering resins like POM and PEEK.


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To be showcased at K 2019, Sikora’s Planowave 6000 is a non-contact, non-destructive measuring system for sheet made from engineering resins like POM and PEEK. The Planowave 6000 is also suitable for measuring PMMA and foamed PVC sheet.

The measuring method is based on millimeter wave technology, delivering what Sikora says is the highest measuring accuracy independent of material and temperature of the sheet. A calibration on the material is also not needed. The Planowave 6000 can be integrated directly into the production line at the hot or cold position.

The visualization of the measuring values is done in real time at the monitor of the processor system Ecocontrol 6000. Besides a numerical display of the measuring values at any number of measuring points over the width of the sheet, the operator also receives a graphical display with extensive trend and statistical functions.