Film Extrusion | 1 MINUTE READ

Extrusion: On-Line Sensor Brings Clarity to Transparent Films

New system from NDC offers 100% continuous quality measurement and control.


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Haze is a critical quality parameter for film, sheet, and other transparent materials. A film or sheet with a poor visible appearance can be problematic for processors trying to maintain a specific quality standard.

NDC’s new HazePro gauge reportedly solves this problem by measuring the haze from narrow to wide films online with the highest accuracy and reliability. With HazePro, processors can immediately see the impact of process changes on haze and learn how to tightly maintain haze quality. Process adjustments can be automated for real-time control of haze.

Gauge for Measuring Haze in Film

Applications include:

  • Optical films;
  • Packaging films;
  • Flexible packaging films;
  • Agricultural films;
  • Solar panel films;
  • Coatings on glass (such as solar panels);
  • Anti-glare films on computer screens

HazePro is immune to ambient changes as well as process variations, such as web flutter. NDC’s haze measurement complies with ASTM standard D1003 for transparent materials. HazePro can also be combined with any of NDC’s family of high-performance sensors.


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