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Extrusion: Seven-Layer Line for All-Polyolefin Films

Macchi showed its next generation polyolefin-dedicated blown film line.


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At K 2019 Macchi will show its next generation POD (polyolefin-dedicated) blown film line, a seven-layer line with a net width of 106 in. 

Enhancements to the line, called the POD Flex series, include:

  • New fully automatic and integrated continuous gravimetric system, ensuring rapid material changes and drastic reductions in production waste.
  • New design and mix of extrusion screws, which allows greater flexibility in the processing of different materials and, at the same time, a greater extrusion capacity.
  • New TE572 series extrusion head specifically designed to manage both polyolefin and barrier film formulations on the same line.
  • New fully automatic and integrated high-flow rate air cooling ring, able to guarantee recipe repeatability, minimizing set-up times during job changes.
  • Double no-contact film thickness control system, capacitive and optical, suitable for real-time detection of barrier layers.
  • New take off unit series ST426R with an innovative reduced height design, securing safer operating and maintenance activities and, at the same time, enabling a more rapid response to production change commands.
  • Evolution of the BO Plus winding system, complete with reel unloading and handling units with telescopic connecting rods and innovative cutting system. The new reinforced structure allows perfect winding of reels up to 47-in. diam.
  • New "Macchi 4.0" software release, generating complete data set concerning recipes, consumption, production and set points of the line, which can be integrated into customer's management systems
  • "Complete digitalization" of the line, to guarantee the cleanliness of data exchange signals between the various components and reduce to zero any possible interference in the system network.
  • New Macchi-MDO technology able to meet the growing demand for technical films with high mechanical properties and reduced thickness.