EXTRUSION: Specialty Film Solutions Highlighted at NPE

Included are systems for solar and capacitor films.

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Brückner Maschinenbau of Germany (U.S. office in Portsmouth, N.H.) will highlight its latest technologies for a variety of special film applications at NPE2015 in Orlando next month:

 •  Dedicated lines for the growth market of photovoltaic solar cells, such as UV-resistant back sheet.

 •  High-performance BOPET optical films up to 400 microns thick.

 •  Lines for capacitor films of  oriented PP, PET, or PVDF, down to less than 3 microns.

 •  Its latest LISIM simultaneous biaxial stretching technology for specially tailored, high-value films between 0.5 and 75 microns.

 •  Stretching technologies for printed electronics, membranes, high-temperature films, ad thermal-transfer printing ribbons (TTR films).

 •  Advanced battery-separator film lines with the patented, semi-dry Evapore process for 3C (computer, communication, consumer) and EV applications serving fast-growing electric-vehicle and appliance markets.

 •  In-line coating technology for BOPET and BOPP.

 •  High-barrier BOPET lines with five, seven, or nine layers.

 •  In-line and off-line technologies for shrink sleeves with high-value appearance, based on PETG, OPS, PP, or PVC.

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