EXTRUSION: Stretch Film Line Is ‘Bigger, Faster, Smarter’

SML to run huge line at K 2016, nanolayer line at HQ in Austria.

At K 2016, SML Maschinengesellschaft mbH of Austria will operate PowerCast, a 4 m-wide (13+ ft), eight-up) stretch film line for hand, machine and jumbo roll production. The new line is said to combines extremely low energy consumption with maximum production flexibility on a top performance level. Designed for high output, the PowerCast is equipped with a 13-layer feedblock and eight extruders including edge encapsulation for maximum throughputs of 3000 kg (6614 lb)/hr. During the show, SML will also be operating a 55-layer stretch line at is headquarters equipped with a nanolayer die and feedblock furnished by Cloeren Incorporated, Orange, Tex.

SML will also show a conical twin-screw extruder for physical foaming of PET.