EXTRUSION: Throughput-Boosting Coolant

Originally titled 'EXTRUSION: Extruder Coolant Boosts Throughput'

Also said to minimize corrosion and clogging.

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Extrusion Control & Supply, Inc. (ECS) will introduce the latest formulation of extruder coolant, EPF 2501, at NPE2015. EPF 2501 is an engineered performance fluid specifically made for closed-loop, water-cooled systems. It has been documented to not only minimize corrosion and clogging related maintenance and failures in water-cooled extruders, but can also increase throughput rates of the extruder.

EPF 2501 is the result of 14 years of experience in the development and application of effective water management programs for water-cooled extrusion equipment.

The company will also will feature the P304c pressure controller and P304i pressure indicator at NPE2015