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Faster, Safer Bag-Making Machine

CSI’s newest bag machine features faster line speeds, enhanced safety, easier maintenance, and HMI touchscreen control.


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Converting Systems Inc. is introducing its new Vertical Head Servo Shuttle Style Bag Machine, the sixth and fastest addition to its bag machine series. CSI’s newest model, the 1801V, features faster line speeds, enhanced safety features, easier maintenance, and HMI touchscreen access for set-up, operation, and troubleshooting resources.         

As a result of the partnership with Lenze Americas, a global manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, motion control and automation technology, the new 1801V utilizes Lenze’s p500 Controller and HMI, as well as its MCS servo motors. The upgraded touch-screen functionality allows easier operation, greater start-up acceleration, and higher bag length accuracy.

Developed with the operator and maintenance mechanic in mind, the 1801V incorporates new, single-operator features to reduce maintenance time and increase productivity, including: tool-free Teflon curtain and platen insert adjustments; pivoting head via hand crank for convenient blade replacement and service; improved, smoother shuttle technology for more consistent film glide; lightweight, short stroking head allowing faster cycle times (up to 225 CPM); and part compatibility with some older CSI and competitors’ machines

The 1801V HMI touchscreen provides immediate access to information required for set-up, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Plus, all machine functions are controlled through the touchscreen, eliminating the need for operators to go inside any enclosure. Front/rear pull cords and an optional photo eye light curtain prevent injuries by keeping operators safely out of areas with moving parts.