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2/15/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Faster Takeaway for Shuttle Blow Molders

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Enhancements allow for cycle times under 9 sec, claimed to be the fastest available.

Lectro Engineering’s new, faster MTM 2001D takeaway system was designed with Bekum’s “H” series in mind but is also said to work well with other shuttle-type blow molders. Gearboxes have been upgraded to allow higher speed and handle greater torque. They also carry a three-year warranty, reportedly longer than for any other gearboxes used on takeaways. Allen-Bradley PLC and servo motion-control system have also been upgraded to allow faster speed. And Lectro says its exclusive servo-driven dual-gripper hand design reduces linear motion by 50% compared with other systems, allowing for cycle times under 9 sec, claimed to be the fastest in the industry.

Lectro’s overhead wiring duct system allows for the main power and operator panel to be moved away from the takeaway so as to eliminate any trip hazards from cords or cables between the main panel and the takeaway. The two are mechanically connected, but the design still allows for a 20° swing in either direction. The main control cabinet is mounted on a mobile cart. The color touchscreen operator panel can store and recall up to 99 setup recipes. A self-diagnostic screen allows for faster troubleshooting.

Lectro also offers new shorter versions of the 2001D takeaway to meet customer needs. These can shorten overall length by as much as 14 in. Other features include a heavy-duty linear rail design, multi-directional scrap conveyor, and full guarding to ANSI specifications.


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