FEEDING: Mini Compressed-Air Loader

Feeds primary machinery at rates to 20 lb/hr.

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The new Mini DAC Compressed Air Loader from Dri-Air Industries, E. Windsor, Conn., is designed to feed small injection molding machines or extruders as well as other applications involving tight space constraints with throughputs up to 20 lb/hr.

Powered by shop air, the Mini DAC Loader transfers material from Dri-Air portable dryer systems to small presses or extruders. It can also load from gaylords, or bags to drying hoppers or directly to the press feed throat. Its low storage capacity minimizes moisture pickup for dried resins. The unit is sold complete with controls, material wand, hoses, air transvector, and adapter and is easily installed in any application. The slip-on mounting base allows easy removal of the loader without tools for cleaning.