Feeding & Blending | 1 MINUTE READ

Feeding/Blending: Controller Offers Connectivity & User Friendliness

Controllers for upstream volumetric mixers and dosing stations feature touch screen with extended recipe storage and management, among other features.


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Koch-Technik’s SLT and MCT controllers feature a 7-inch touch screen and the ability to automatically calculate process parameters based on needed throughput for continuous, uniform dosing. Recipe storage has been expanded, and the system features recipe management, as well as the ability to switch languages; assign password and user hierarchy; establish alarm outputs for an optional fault detector; alarm history and more.

A USB port allows data loading and backup, as well as software updates. The controller also supports Ethernet connectivity, allowing users to use the KOCH central dosing and visualization software. The OPC-UA communication architecture permits data exchange between controllers and a company’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES), or ERP, respectively.

Koch-Technik SLT and MCT controller

Koch-Technik’s SLT and MCT controllers feature a 7-inch touch screen.