Feeding & Blending | 1 MINUTE READ

Feeding/Blending: Dual Auger Powers New Feeder

Unlike other volumetric feeders where a single auger is typically located at the bottom of a trough, a new line features a double concentric auger.


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Acrison’s Model 140 Series Feeders utilize a conditioning auger, or intromitter, as well as a metering auger to move dry solids. In this design, Acrison says the conditioning auger is mounted around the smaller metering auger. The augers are independently driven at dissimilar speeds in a fixed proportion to each other by a single variable-speed gear motor. This design reportedly results in a highly accurate, dependable and versatile metering of a wide range of dry solid materials.

Acrison says that in typical volumetric feeders where a single auger is located at the bottom of a V-shaped trough materials often bridge despite vibration or agitation. In the Model 140 Series, rotation of the metering mechanism’s slower speed intromitter is said to produce gentle unidirectional movement of material within the feed chamber. Acrison says this conditions the material to a uniform state while simultaneously filling the metering auger from a full 360 degrees. Available in three different models ranging up 3400-ft3/hr in throughput, the Model 140 Series Feeders feature all-steel, heavy-duty construction.