Feeding/Blending: Feeder Accurately Doses Range of Dry Solids

Unit is billed as compact, advanced and durable.

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The Model 405-105X Weight-Loss Feeder from Acrison Inc. now features an exclusive Dissimilar Speed Double Concentric Metering Mechanism that is said to provide highly accurate and reliable feeding of a wide range of dry solids materials.

Acrison says the feeder features a compact 22 × 32-in. footprint and a technologically advanced, exceptionally durable, and dependable dynamic weighing system that is permanently calibrated and adjustment-free. Acrison's patented Ratiometric Digital Weight Resolver instantly generates an unamplified, non-integrated real-time weight signal with no delay for use by one of Acrison's various multiprocessor controllers for precise feed rate control.

Model 405-105X feed rates range from several pounds to about 2000 lb/hr (based on product weighing 40 lb/ft³) with continuous metering accuracies that range between ±0.25 to 1% or better (error) at two sigma based on a given number of consecutive 1 min. sample weighments.

Acrison says the unit offers minimal maintenance needs, a minimum life expectancy of 20 yr, and the lowest cost-of-ownership in the industry. The entire weighing system of the weigh feeder, including electronics, is guaranteed for five years.