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Feeding/Blending: New Feeders, Blenders for Regrind And Wire/Cable at K 2019

Movacolor brought out several new gravimetric systems.


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Movacolor of the Netherlands, distributed in North America by Hamilton Plastic Systems, Romax and others, introduced three new gravimetric feeding and blending systems at K 2019 in October. First, MCHigh Output 2500R is a high-capacity dosing unit for low-bulk-density regrind such as bottle flake. Utilizing a screw-type force feeder, it reportedly can be mounted directly on top of a molding machine or extruder. The water-cooled neckpiece with integrated mixer can handle materials at up to 180 C/356 F and reportedly can provide up to 75% flake content in the feed mixture. The horizontal mixer exerts a downward force to push material into the machine throat. The unit has an integrated drawer magnet and the neckpiece can accept additional feeders for additives. Throughput capacity is 50 to 2500 kg/hr (110 to 5500 lb/hr).

Also new is the MCTwin system for reprocessing colored regrind in the form of injection molding sprues and rejects. The system is designed to save on costly colorant or other additives by automatically adjusting the feed of color/additive in proportion to the amount of regrind being fed. The system comprises a pair of gravimetric feeders, a master unit that feeds regrind and a slave unit for the color/additive. Both feeders have integrated low-profile hopper loaders. Capacity is 0.07 to 180 kg/hr (0.15 to 396 lb/hr). The system can be supplied with Movacolor’s new MCNumera unit that totalizes throughput of all materials.


Movacolor’s new MCContinuous Blender for wire & cable exrusion.

Movacolor’s new MCContinuous Blender for wire & cable exrusion.


In addition, Movacolor showed off its new MCContinuous Blender for wire and cable extrusion. This modular in-line blender system (pictured) utilizes gravimetric feeding/dosing of pellets, powders, regrind, and liquid from 0.5 kg/hr (1.1 lb/hr) up to 2000 kg/hr (4400 lb/hr). The system can feed two different colors and make changes on the fly. The controller with 8-in. color touchscreen is described as Industry 4.0-ready and can control up to 15 components on one or several extruders. It has integrated loader control, a new onboard manual, new installation/configuration wizard, and new always-available Info button that explains what is displayed on the screen and defines technical terms.