First Translucent UV-Block Films

3M Corp.’s Drug Delivery Systems Div. in St.

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3M Corp.’s Drug Delivery Systems Div. in St. Paul, Minn., is developing a line of translucent UV-blocking films for use in making transdermal skin patches for drug delivery. They’re believed to be the first see-through films with UV protection (to preserve the drug’s potency or stability), which is normally attained with opaque or metalized films. The UV blocker is nano-sized TiO2 particles in a polyethylene heat-seal layer extrusion coated onto the polyester film. The first film is 2-mil Scotchpak 9734 Backing. Its nano-TiO2 content (undisclosed) is able to block 99% of UV wavelengths of 250 to 325 nanometers, protecting most UV-sensitive drugs, 3M notes. (800) 643-8086 •