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2/22/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Flexible Twin for Small-Lot Compounding, High-Output Extruder

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ENTEK displaying two new twin-screw extruders in an interactive display that also features its screw layout program.

ENTEK is displaying two machines in its booth: its new QC3 33-mm co-rotating twin-screw extruder, which was introduced in 2017 and is being shown publicly for the first time; and its high-output co-rotating 73-mm twin-screw extruder. ENTEK is also featuring two interactive work stations at its booth showing the company’s unique screw-layout software program.

The QC33-mm twin is a new size designed for small-size lots of compounds and includes all of the company’s latest QC3 (Quick-Change, Quick-Clean, and Quality Control) features.

The new QC3 33-mm joins ENTEK’s other QC3 models, which include its 27-, 43-, and 53-mm co-rotating twins. The company also manufactures 73-, 103-, and 133-mm models.

New mechanical design features being incorporated into the extruder include a patented self-aligning screw-gearbox couplings to facilitate fast and fool-proof installation of screws; lock and key feature on splined shafts to prevent screw timing errors; conveniently located gauges for quick monitoring of lube and cooling system running conditions; a quick change strand die; and enhanced controls.

ENTEK’s is also featuring its 73-mm twin for high-output custom compounding. It’s available with a 600-hp motor and screw speeds up to 900 rpm.

ENTEK’s unique screw design program is also featured at its booth. The company has two interactive work stations at its booth where visitors are encouraged to see how easy it is to quickly design screw and barrel layouts for their specific applications.