EXTRUSION: Gamut of Technologies to Debut at K 2016 in Film, Sheet

Reifenhauser to debut new die, flattening/orientation systems, feedblock and more at K 2016.

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Reifenhauser  (U.S. office Wichita, Kan.) will display range of new products for blown film and flat film/sheet extrusion at K2016. In blown film, the firm will display its film flattening unit—called the Ultra Flat—and a film-orientation device dubbed Ultra Stretch. Both products are integrated into the haul-off unit. In the case of Ultra Flat, Reifenhauser reports that improvements in film flatness across the entire width of the web has allowed converters to run printing presses 30% faster, while those involved in lamination can use 30% less glue.

Reifenhauser will also debut a patented barrier film dies that is said to combine the attributes of stackable and conventional spiral-mandrel dies. Short flow paths are said to dramatically reduce residence times.

In flat film and sheet, Reifenhauser will display REIcofeed 2.2, a new feedblock design for structures 11 layers or more than relies on a tiny element that permits layer encapsulation inside the feedblock. This reportedly avoids the need of an additional encapsulation device in the die and the use of an additional extruder. On the matter of extruders, Reifenhauser will display a short extruder with redesigned gear box and motor. No further details were provides.