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5/5/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

HEATING/COOLING: Compact Mold Temperature Controller Gets Smaller, Lighter

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New series is 27% lighter and has a 23% smaller footprint.


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Matsui’s new MC5 mold temperature controllers reportedly reach temperature settings quickly, allowing molders can start processing sooner. The controllers are available in 12 different models, with the MC5-G1 series hot-water controllers sold in 25-, 55- and 88-liter sizes. In those, low- (up to 203ºF) and high-temperature (up to 248ºF) versions are available.

Matsui (U.S. office in Hanover Park, Ill.) reports that the compact MC5’s achieve their target temperature in less time than previous models thanks to a more powerful pump and more responsive thermocouple sensor. In terms of accuracy, Matsui says the series achieves target temperatures within 1° of set point and then samples the temperature four times every second, allowing it to maintain optimum temperatures throughout production.

The MC5’s control panel features a large LCD character display that’s visible even in bright lighting conditions. The control can store up to 64 different temperature settings, and it detects heating and cooling errors. The touchpad simplifies programming, enabling processors to preset operations, monitor settings, view progress and make changes. The G1 panel is standard, with a G3 panel as an optional upgrade. Options on the G3 controller include: set value switching, programmable weekly operation, calendar function and SPI or MODBUS communications board. The controller’s valves are situated outside the cabinet for access and maintenance without removing the cabinet. 


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