HEATING/COOLING: Lower Temperature Range for Portable Chillers

Expansion of temperature control line extends chilling range lower.

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Mokon, Buffalo, N.Y. has expanded its Iceman SC Series of portable chillers, adding the ASL and WSL lines. The ASL and WSL offer a fluid temperature range of 5°F to 30°F (-15°C to -1°C) and a capacity of 1½ to 7½ tons. The existing Iceman SC Series line offers ½- to 40-ton chillers, with a fluid temperature range of 20°F to 65°F (-7°C to 18°C).

In terms of features, the ASL and WSL lines offer air- or water-cooled condensing, with a scroll compressor and brazed plate evaporator. The systems’ microprocessor-based controllers are in an accessible panel, and the electrical enclosure has a safety door disconnect switch. In addition to insulated nonferrous plumbing and components and a heavy-duty insulated plastic tank with sight glass, the chiller’s centrifugal supply pump is constructed from stainless steel.