Heating/Cooling: New Central Cooling Pump Sets Features Variable Frequency Drives, New Control

Pumps automatically equalize pressure depending on process cooling demands, including number of machines, process pressures and flow rates.

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Italian process cooling system supplier Frigel Firenze SpA (Scandicci; Frigel North America, Inc., East Dundee, Ill.) has launched the Aquagel GPV central cooling system process pump sets, which feature variable frequency drives (VFD) and the company’s 3PR control technology.

A Frigel spokesperson told Plastics Technology that the GPV line of process set pumps are identical to the previous GPP product line, featuring the same pumps, valves, fittings, manifolds, etc. What is new is the addition of the VFD and the 3PR control platform, which Frigel originally launched at NPE 2015 (read more). That control acts as the “brains of the drive, according to Frigel, giving users greater access to the operating pressures, flow rates and energy consumption of the pump sets.

In combination, the VFD and control ensure the pumps operate at peak efficiency with the lowest possible energy consumption, while simultaneously giving users precise control of the units for optimal performance.

The enhanced Aquagel GPV is part of Frigel’s family of pumping, reservoir and filtration systems designed for processors to expand capacity in use with its Ecodry or Heavygel central-cooling systems.

Additional features of the Aquagel GPV pump sets include:

  • Modular bolt-on capabilities for simplified integration into Ecodry or Heavygel central systems
  • Multiple high-efficiency pump and motor assemblies options to satisfy system requirements
  • A pre-wired inverter drive per pump (range 40–60 Hz)
  • Manual mode operation available with each inverter
  • Automatic pump cycling, including standby pumps, to equalize running times
  • Complete factory supplied trim with non-ferrous wetted surfaces