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Heating/Cooling: Pressurized Temperature Controller With Cell Connectivity

Wittmann Battenfeld is expanding its Tempro line of temperature controllers at K with a pressurized unit capable of reaching a maximum temperature of 100C.


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The Tempro plus D100 temperature control unit from Wittmann Battenfeld can be fully integrated into the control system of a Wittmann Battenfeld injection molding machine—a nod to Industry 4.0. The new temperature controller is capable of 9 kW of heat output and uses a magnet-coupled stainless steel pump to ensure sufficient flow. The pump’s capacity is 0.5 kW, with a maximum flow rate of 40 l/min (10.5 gpm) and a maximum pressure of 4.5 bars (65 psi). The Tempro plus D100 is equipped with a wear-resistant flow quantity measurement device as standard. Like all other Wittmann Battenfeld temperature controllers, The Tempro plus D100 also offers extensive options so processors can configure a temperature controller tailored to fit their needs.