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Heating/Cooling: Process Heating & Cooling in One Unit

All-in-one unit saves space, cost, and energy.


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Most often, if a process requires fluid heating as well as cooling, molders must install two separate units with separate circuits and controllers. Up to now, there have been at least two suppliers of units that combine both heating and cooling zones into one space-saving cabinet with one controller. Now there is a third.

Delta T Systems says this all-in-one system saves both space and money. Its brand-new Heat/Cool Combo Chiller utilizes energy-saving variable-speed compressors and fan motors to save up to 50% over fixed-speed chiller units. Temperature control within 0.5° F is claimed for chiller temperatures from 0 to 80 F and TCU temperatures up to 180 F for water. Available sizes are 1 to 30 tons standard and larger custom units.

Features include a single water tank, 4-in. touchscreen, and controls that are “Industry 4.0-ready” with datalogging and remote monitoring capabilities.

Other suppliers of combination heating/cooling units include Mokon and Frigel.