Heating/Cooling: Series Offers High Temp Heat-Transfer Options Beyond Steam, Oil

Water system line extended with lower temperature options.

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Circulating liquid temperature control systems manufacturer Mokon (Buffalo, N.Y.) has expanded its Duratherm MAX line of water systems, which range up to temperatures of 380°F (193°C) and system pressures of 300 PSI (20.7 Bar), to include two lower high-temp options. The new D3 Series has capabilities up to 330°F (166°C), with an option for 340°F (171°C).

Mokon said the series offers processors a broader selection for high temperature operations beyond relying on steam or oil systems as a heat-transfer medium. The new D3 Series fills a gap for customers wanting operating temperatures above 300°F but not needing the maximum temperature of 380°F provided by the D4 Series.

According to Mokon, the Duratherm MAX product line was designed to self-generate the pressures required to produce high temperatures from city or plant water connections, with the small hold-up volume and energy-efficient heater design providing maximum heat up and cool down results.