HEATING/COOLING: TCUs, Central and Portable Chillers

More than 20 on display, including 11 for the first time.

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Thermal Care, Niles, Ill., will present 21 types of chilling and temperature-control equipment at NPE, 11 of them shown for the first time. Among the new lines are the TSE Series central chillers featuring modular design, scroll compressors, and single- or dual-circuit design with integral tank (photo).

The TC Series central chiller promises energy efficiency thanks to the oil-free, quiet-running Turbocor compressor. This series features a new control platform. 
NQ Series portable chillers will feature two new designs: a 40-60 ton unit and a portable chiller with a variable-speed compressor, which promises an ROI of less than six months, based on energy savings.

A new line of TCUs with expanded capabilities and improved energy efficiency will also be displayed. These are available up to 10 hp and 48 kW. Also new is a 400 F hot-water TCU.

In addition, a new central control system will debut. It will be connected to 10 pieces of equipment on the show floor, including central chillers, a pump reservoir, portable chillers, and TCUs