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10/1/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Heating/Cooling: Temperature Control Features Larger Pump, Higher Temperatures

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Engel expanded its e-temp line of temperature controllers at K 2019 with the XL variant, offerings higher pump capacity and greater heat output.

Engel will launch the XL e-temp temperature control unit (TCU) at K 2019, saying the larger unit can replace several smaller units operating at the same temperature, reducing overall footprint, maintenance costs and energy consumption. In addition to greater pump capacity, the maximum available heat output has increased. The XL series offers units with heat outputs of 16 or 32 kW—smaller e‑temp models provide heat outputs of 8 or 16 kW.

Engel notes that despite the larger size and increased capacity, the newest e-temp maintains a compact footprint that Engel says would allow it to fit beneath the clamping unit of many injection molding machines.

Engel’s line of e-temp TCUs, which it has developed in collaboration with Swiss firm HB-Therm, are designed to communicate directly with Engel’s iQ flow control software and the CC300 control of Engel’s injection molding machines. In fact, the company says the whole cooling operation can be displayed on the press’s operating panel, with the iQ flow control software regulating the volume flow rate and dynamically and automatically adjusting the temperature control process to match process conditions. The software works in conjunction with Engel’s e-flomo electronic temperature control water manifold, which accepts and monitors water from the e-temp TCU.

In a September 2019 press release, Engel noted that it has installed more than 1000 of its e-temp TCUs, and on the basis of the positive market reaction, it will be “intensifying” its cooperation with HB-Therm. The companies are also striving to make the TCUs Industry 4.0 ready, adopting OPC UA protocol for the equipment and jointly promoting the Euromap 82.1 recommendation for TCUs.


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