HEATING/COOLING: Temperature Controllers Have Smaller Footprint

Redesigned Full Range TCUs are more compact.

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Mokon, Buffalo, N.Y., has announced a complete redesign of its Full Range line of fluid temperature-control systems whose features include a smaller cabinet to free up floor space. The Full Range system combines a circulating water system and an Iceman chiller to provide heating and chilling from a single compact unit. It’s available in standard heating capacities up to 96 kW, pumping capacities up to 120 GPM, chilling capacity up to 40 tons, and temperature range of -20 to 300 F (-29 to 149 C).

Standard features include stainless-steel centrifugal pumps and a brazed-plate evaporator. A wide variety of options are available, including full stainless construction, higher and lower operating temperatures, larger heating and chilling capacities, and stationary skid-based assemblies.


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