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3/4/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

'Height-Adjustable' Twin-Stack Cooling System for Blown Film

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Latest iteration of Addex’s innovative cooling system expected to boost outputs beyond 50%.


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Addex Inc. is showcasing its latest Intensive Cooling technology—the “Height-Adjustable” Intensive Cooling Twin-Stack system, designed to optimize performance for both high- and low-melt processes.

The fully-enclosed, two-level system features a lower Intensive Cooling element that mounts flat to the die and a second, height-adjustable Intensive Cooling element just below the air ring. The system is highly adaptable to changes in materials and supports fast changeovers.

The Twin-Stack elements can be separated over a range of 1 to 16 in., allowing the operator to change the height between the cooling elements to control the amount of cooling. For super low-melt materials, a short distance between the elements is ideal. For high-melt strength operation, the cooling zone can be extended to its maximum by the push of a button. The Height-Adjustable Twin-Stack system can be fine-tuned across a broad range of products without time-consuming equipment changes and while the line is running.

The original fixed-height Twin-Stack system is proven in the field to increase output by 15% to 20% for very low-melt strength materials, and up to 40% or even 50% for high-melt strength materials. The latest Height-Adjustable version of the Twin-Stack is expected to produce even greater increases. 

The system operates over a wide range of configurations and materials, while also enhancing bubble stability. These retrofits are aimed at blown-film lines that have been designed for higher outputs and have sufficient extruder and blower capacity to handle the output gains of Intensive Cooling Twin-Stack. The Height-Adjustable system is fully compatible with Addex’s other cooling products. including the Digital Internal Bubble Cooling Control, Manual Gauge Control, and Laminar Air Rings.



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