EXTRUSION: High-Output Foam PS Sheet Line

Line can produce up to 1500 lb/hr.

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Macro Engineering & Technology, Mississauga, Ont. has introduced a high-output polystyrene foam sheet extrusion line that it says can produce up to 1500 lb/hr.

The key feature of this line is a newly designed cooling screw that guarantees both efficient cooling of the melt and highly uniform melt temperature distribution in the secondary extruder. This not only allows extrusion to occur at high outputs, but also creates advantageous properties within the foam structure, such as an increased proportion of closed-cells, improving the overall strength of the foamed sheet, Macro says.

The system uses tandem extruders to produce foamed PS sheet between 1.2 and 5-mm thick, and up to 1270-mm wide. It is completed with two turret winders that wind rolls up to 2 mt in diameter; however, Macro also provides the option of slitting the tube once to create one large sheet that can be wound on a single winder, simplifying the startup and roll transfer processes and reducing operator requirements on these processes.

Macro reports that it recently installed one of these lines to an unnamed sheet producer in South America.