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High-Performance Black Masterbatch for Styrenics

Cabot’s new Plasblack XP6801D is a new generation SAN-based formulation for styrenics without the trade-off between color and mechanical properties.  


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What is said to be a unique black masterbatch based on styrene acrylonitrile (SAN) was developed by Boston-based Cabot Corp. to meet the needs of the styrenics market without the trade-off between color and mechanical properties.

According to the company, customers using Plasblak XP6801D carbon black masterbatch can expect to achieve higher color without sacrificing impact properties and to lower masterbatch loading in the final compound offering formulation flexibility to meet stricter customer performance requirements. This colorant is also said to deliver the same performance with up to 50% less material, reducing handling, transport logistics and associated transportation-related GHG (green house gas) emissions.

Cabot's new SAN-based black masterbatch for styrenics.

Said Santiague Pierre, global application lead, masterbatch and conductive compounds, “We are excited about this breakthrough solution for styrenics applications, which presents clear performance advantages by delivering differentiated technical performance with a lower masterbatch concentration. We believe Plasblack XP6801D black masterbatch will help our customers continue to innovate and provide formulation flexibility to meet evolving performance expectations set by original equipment manufacturers.”

Blasblack masterbatches reportedly are formulated and manufactured to exacting standards to meet application- and polymer-specific needs across a wide range of industries, including automotive, agriculture, infrastructure and packaging.