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High-Speed Cap & Cup Molding

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Engel shows how all-electric injection machines perform at 2-3 sec cycles.

Two production cells running Engel machines demonstrate capabilities in high-speed packaging. For cap molding, Engel is showing off the capabilities of its all-electric e-cap system in its own booth with a 460-ton e-cap 2440/420 US molding 26-mm HDPE beverage caps with tamper-proof bands in a 96-cavity old on a 2-sec cycle. The mold is from Z-Moulds of Austria, and a dry-air system to prevent mold sweating is from Eisbär Trockentechnik of Austria. Caps are optically inspected by a system from Intravis of Germany.

A second cell is running four airline cups at the booth of Campetella Robotic Center of Italy (represented in the U.S. by Hunter Automation & Robotics, Sterling, Mass.). With injection speeds greater than 500 mm/sec, an all-electric Engel e-motion 740/240 T US toggle press is running well below 3-sec cycles with a mold from Fostag in Switzerland. The closed system for toggle levers and spindles is said to provide clean lubrication suited to the strict hygiene requirements of the food industry. 


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